Tips to Learn Spanish Language

Spanish has grown to be among the most important languages worldwide. It unlocks your communications with more than 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide. By 2014, The United States of America (U.S.A) is expected be the largest Spanish speaking nation in the world! No wonder, learning Spanish has become all the more important in Mumbai (Bombay) – more so for those who seek opportunities in Mumbai. Here’s with a few tips to learn Spanish in Mumbai.

Good at English? It helps in learning Spanish! Both Spanish and English have Latin roots. Thus if you pay attention to similarities between some Spanish and some English words (ones that are close), you have just made a great take­off towards learning Spanish in Mumbai. In our various Spanish classes in Mumbai, this technique has been used with great success.

Be a Spaniard? – Take time to know the culture of the source – Spain. Listening to Spanish music, watching Spanish movies, listening to Spanish radio or music, reading Spanish books or magazines – these will remind you constantly of your goal (“Master Spanish!”) and build up basics. As you do so, you will learn Spanish quickly – learning new words and delving deeper in formation of sentences. The city of Mumbai offers many such avenues for learning Spanish the fun way. At our multiple Spanish class locations in Mumbai, it has been observed that this comfort with Spanish culture works very effectively towards mastering Spanish language. Spanish movie views, books and magazines are possible and highly encouraged at all our Spanish language classes in Mumbai.

Smart Vocabulary building – It has been observed that learning the “high frequency” words in Spanish is a smart way to learn. Our linguistics research, corroborated by various other studies shows that not more than about 110 words, (maybe even less) are used in more than half of all communications! If you figure out and learn those 110 words, you are almost half done and with a superb start towards learning Spanish. In our Spanish courses in Mumbai spread all over Mumbai, the practice of including such high frequency Spanish words has enabled Spanish learners in Mumbai to rapidly master the language.

Select the right Spanish learning class in Mumbai –­ First, it is essential to figure out whether you need classroom coaching/courses in Spanish in Mumbai. If you are a beginner or intermediate Spanish learner in Mumbai, a classroom setting is more or less necessary. It may also be a good point to visit your Spanish course counselor in Mumbai and discuss your requirements for learning Spanish in Mumbai.

Learn Spanish Language in Thane, Dadar, Borivali & Vashi, visit any of our foreign language training center in Mumbai today.


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